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The Planning Process

The Application Process

Assessing and Determining the Planning Application

Applications for planning permission must be determined in accordance with the adopted development plan(s) for the area unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Factors to be considered in making planning decisions (material considerations) must be planning matters; that is, they must be relevant to the regulation of the development and use of land in the public interest, towards the goal of sustainability. Material considerations must also be fairly and reasonably related to the development concerned.

The weight to attach to material considerations is a matter of judgement, however the local planning authority must demonstrate in the planning officers or committee report that, in reaching its decision, they have considered all relevant matters. Generally greater weight is attached to issues supported by evidence rather than solely by assertion.


Scheme of Delegation

Every local planning authority has a scheme of delegation setting out the development types or other criteria of planning applications which will be determined by planning committee and the circumstances in which applications can be determined by officers under delegated powers.

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Submission of additional information and amendments

The submission of additional information and/or amendments can provide an applicant with an opportunity to secure a development that complies with planning policy.

The Planning Service will normally only accept one set of additional information/amendments. If the timeframe for the submission of this information is more than 21 days, the Planning Service will normally request that the application is withdrawn and resubmitted once the information is available.