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What does Sustainable Powys look like?

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You will be able to help us design quality services that support local living throughout your communities.

We will rebalance central-local delivery, providing key central services where costs can be kept lower because they are located where most people live.  Locally you will be able to shape and develop the services in your area that mean the most to you and your future generations.

You will become more resilient and self-reliant in your community and work together for a more sustainable Powys.


You will be at the centre of change and be involved in designing how your service can best be delivered to meet our challenges. This may involve working with other services and partners to ensure our future services are sustainable.

You also know what works and where improvements can be made. No one has a monopoly on good ideas so it's about working together to be innovative and at the heart of change.

Our workforce in the future will need to be collectively and individually flexible, agile, responsive and adaptable so we can not only meet the challenges we face but thrive. With our focus on delivering and developing great outcomes for the people of Powys.

Managers & Leaders

You will guide and support the Council and its services through compassionate and inclusive leadership. Whilst ensuring that employees are developed to be successful in their roles and ready for the next step in their careers.

Councillors - Powys County Council and Town and Community Councillors

Going forward you will be encouraged to carry out an enhanced community leadership role - one which focuses on encouraging people to take more responsibility for their neighbourhoods, health and wellbeing, and inspiring people to do more to help out in their local community.

The role of councillors in developing stronger and more resilient communities cannot be understated and you will have key roles to play in:

•      Managing the expectations of communities, by setting out why things are changing and explaining why things will be different

•      Identifying and collaborating with community activists and leaders to ensure they are encouraged, supported and assisted to play a more prominent role

•      Enabling the flow of two-way information and intelligence between communities and the county council - identifying issues on the ground and providing the information communities need to ensure they can get involved

•      Acting as the channel between local community groups and the Council to help develop local community-led solutions that strengthen resilience and meet local need.


We will deliver quality services in the most efficient and cost-effective way but this isn't the driver for change. Our services will be good value for money be delivered in a way that seeks to reduce our carbon footprint and focussed on improved outcomes.

Services will be responsive to change and forward thinking in their approach for continual improvement, whether that is for internal or external facing teams.

Working together will be a cornerstone in our new approach. We know we don't have all the answers and working with others will enable us to unleash the potential of people in Powys.