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Duty Officer

The duty planning officer will offer free, general planning advice and support.

This advice will signpost and guide callers to the relevant planning policy/legislation and to procedures within Planning Services. This will complement the information that can be found on the Council's website Planning - Powys County Council including the Frequently Asked Questions - Powys County Council.

This service is available by telephone Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 10am - 12pm and 2pm - 4pm. Please note that the duty officer is only available from 2pm - 4pm on Tuesdays.

The duty officer will be able to assist with:

  • Informal advice on permitted development enquiries and general planning advice. Please note that this advice will be informal and given without prejudice to any future decision made on a planning application by the Local Planning Authority. Should you require a formal written response, you will need to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate or submit a pre-planning application enquiry.
  • The procedure for how a planning application is processed once validated.
  • Advice on how to submit an alleged planning enforcement complaint for investigation.

The duty officer will not be able to:

  • Provide pre-application advice for specific project proposal. Such queries must use the Apply for Planning Permission and / or Pre-planning application advice services available on the Council's website.
  • Discuss the technical merits of a live planning application, a determined application, a planning appeal or a planning enforcement case. For most planning applications, callers will be directed to the latest position which can be found on the Council's planning portal website Simple Search ( Applicants should contact their appointed planning agent in the first instance, or the relevant planning officer.
  • Review plans or the merits of a planning application or whether a development complies with a planning approval.
  • Provide information related to drainage, land ownership or boundary locations.
  • Assist with personal searches.
  • Advise on planning matters located within Bannau Brycheiniog.

The Duty Planning Officer role is provided by planning officers from within the Planning Service including planning and enforcement officers. Please note that all advice provided will be informal and given without prejudice to any future decision made by the Local Planning Authority.

The Duty Planning Officer telephone line is: 01597 826000.