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New Safeguarding Framework Information

Social Care Wales have launched a new training framework and standards for safeguarding.

We have commissioned training to meet the requirements starting in May 2024.

It is recommended that you complete the online e learning ( corporate ) Group A then move on to training on Group B , then Group C, if applicable Group D, to reach the level you contribute within your work role to safeguarding.

Group A (basic awareness)

All staff working in: social care, health care, local authority departments, police, education, early years, the third and voluntary sector (including volunteers) and independent contractors (commissioned services).

New group A practitioners need to complete the e-learning module before starting their role, or as part of their induction.

The e-learning module is always available, via Corporate E learning.

If they work in group A, they'll need to refresh their learning:

  • a minimum of one to three hours every three years
  • more often if required by their manager or agency.

E-learning via Corporate training - will be a maximum of two hours.

Group B (intermediary)

All practitioners who have regular contact with adults, children and members of the public in their roles. This includes practitioners who are or aren't registered or regulated and volunteers

A minimum of six hours of training to cover the learning outcomes via a full day Group B training - delivered by JMG training - Keith Jones booking from May 2024

New workers with no previous safeguarding training should have training in the first two to four weeks of employment or volunteering, or at least within the probation period of a new role (six months).

There may also be additional training on topics specific to the role.

Refresher training, learning and development should be:

  • a minimum of six hours ongoing over a three-year period

Group C (advanced)

Registered or regulated practitioners with an assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating role. They will have a clear protection planning role (core group, case conference, strategy meeting attendees) and have a statutory function.

Group C practitioners must do:

a minimum of eight hours of training within the probation period of a new role, plus training on safeguarding topics specific to the role, via New Pathways - 2 full day training - delivered in ½ day sessions.  Separate courses for Childrens or Adults, depending on your work domain.

Have refresher training on the generic training (at least eight hours every three years)

  • do at least 18 hours (six hours per year) of additional training, including detailed training on specific safeguarding topics or internal processes,
  • do additional training relevant to specific roles and duties, which should:
  • reflect any changes to practice and application
  • include training that needs to be done sooner than three years (for example: new diagnostic methods in areas of healthcare).

Group D (specialist)

Roles that have specific child and/or adult safeguarding responsibilities, such as safeguarding leads and named professionals.

Professional development needs to have started as part of induction, or as soon as possible after starting in post. Professional development, and improving, learning and gaining increased understanding, skills and competence, will be an ongoing requirement.

A minimum of eight hours' training within the probation period of a new role, plus training on safeguarding topics specific to the role.

This includes: virtual classroom time, pre-course reading

  • following up with manager or supervisor, post-course consolidation, where practitioners put learning into practice.

Practitioners will complete a minimum of 24 hours of refresher training in every three-year period.

Training provided by Bond Solon Group D (specialist) will make up 6 hrs, a full days specialist training.

Other training can be accessed to make up the required 24 hrs over 3 years.

E.g. Professional curiosity, Child Exploitation (Community of Practice), Safeguarding Fora, Safeguarding Chairing Skills.

Group E (consultancy or sector leader)

Strategic leaders

Decision makers

Newly appointed practitioners in group E complete a minimum of hours of safeguarding training, learning and development in their first six months. This training can be agreed between the practitioner and their line manager.

Practitioners will complete a minimum of 24 hours' refresher training in every three-year period.

Practitioners should keep a formal CPD log of learning opportunities outside virtual or classroom-based training. (For example: going to strategic meetings.)

Group F (public service leaders)

Need to complete group A - basic awareness and relevant bespoke training, learning and development such as corporate parenting, but may be called upon to discuss matters or issues at groups A to E.

Newly-appointed group F practitioners need to complete group A e-learning before starting work, in the induction period or their first six months.

Group F practitioners need to complete the group A E-learning - via Corporate training and revisit relevant bespoke refresher training, learning and development for a minimum of six hours every three years.

Links for further reading :-

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