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Notice: Careline Phone Scammers target Powys residents
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Temporary closures of Public Rights of Way in Powys





Footpath 1, Fron level crossing at SJ225 032 for an approximate length of 11 metres.

29th January 2016

28th July 2019

Closed due to Network Rail concerns regarding health and safety. Further assurances from Network Rail that no further extensions are required.

Various footpaths and bridleways, Newtown bypass

From 30th May 2016 (select number).

Expected expiration on 31st June 2019

(Current order expiring on 13 February 2019)

To mitigate health and safety concerns during construction phase.

Monk's Trod byway LC296 b from Carn Ricet (Point A) at OS Grid SN 87407105) for a distance of about 6.3 kilometres in a south-westerly direction to the County boundary with Ceredigion on the River Claerwen at OS Grid Ref. SN 82396821 (Point B)

20 April 2019

19 October 2019

An exception will be to allow motorcycles between Point A and Point B for a minimum of three specified dates and a maximum of 6 that will be advertised no less than two weeks before.

Apply for permit for Monk's Trod byway on the 27th July 2019 here

Download location map here [834KB]

The next available date will be on the 20th August 2019

Byway Nos. LM1268(A), LM1284, LM1252 known as Water-Break-its-Neck in the Community of New Radnor prohibiting the passage of all motor vehicles (including motorcycles) and horse-drawn carriages from SO16876249 (Point A) to SO18435989 (point B).

22 November2018

21 May 2019

To prevent serious damage to the newly graded surface following recent severe weather and to allow proposed works to take place.

Download location map here [1MB]

Bridleway LC247 in the Elan valley from SN90506757 (point A) in a north-westerly direction to SN90306766 (point B), a distance of 280 metres.

26th November 2018

25th May 2019

Due to a landslip and a safety inspection is required prior to clearance and bank stabilisation works. Current consultation to extend.

Download location map here [854KB]

Footpath KN1177, Knighton near Clayton Engineering Ltd.

0800hrs to 1700hrs 28 April 2019

3 May 2019

To allow the testing of winches to take place.

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