Temporary closures of Public Rights of Way in Powys


Detail of Route: Monk's Trod byway LC296 b from Carn Ricet (Point A) at OS Grid SN 87407105) for a distance of about 6.3 kilometres in a south-westerly direction to the County boundary with Ceredigion on the River Claerwen at OS Grid Ref. SN 82396821 (Point B)

Closure commenced: 19 April 2020   

Order Expires: 19 April 2021

Reason: An exception will be to allow motorcycles between Point A and Point B for a minimum of three specified dates and a maximum of 6 that will be advertised no less than two weeks before.   Download location map here [834KB]



Detail of Route: Bridleway LC247 in the Elan valley from SN90506757 (point A) in a north-westerly direction to SN90306766 (point B), a distance of 280 metres.

Closure commenced: 26th November 2018      

Order Expires: 28th January 2021

Reason: Due to a landslip and a safety inspection is required prior to clearance and bank stabilisation works.  Download location map here [854KB]



Detail of Route: Footpath 114, Fron Berriew

Closure commenced: 27th October 2020     

Order Expires: 16th May 2021

Reason: Dangerous bridge.  Footpath 114, Fron Berriew [615KB]   Footpath 114, Berriew temporary closure notice [62KB]



Detail of Route: Footpath RB1417, Dolyhir Quarry

Closure commenced: 7th October 2019     

Order Expires: 6th April 2021

Reason: Allow implementation of permitted western screening landform.   Footpath RB1417, Dolyhir Quarry [1MB]



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