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Wildlife Advice: Birds


 birdsAll birds, nests and eggs are legally protected in Britain. Some birds, such as barn owls, have extra protection that means that it is illegal to disturb the birds when they are on or near the nest. 

We recommend that to protect nesting birds (and comply with the law) hedges and trees should not be cut between March and August. Birds may nest earlier or later, so if you think nesting might be taking place you should avoid cutting until the nesting season has completely finished.

The RSPB provides very helpful advice for some common issues such as:

  • Dealing with injured wild birds
  • Birds nesting in the roof
  • Removing of bird nests
  • Managing garden hedges

It also provides advice for farmers and landowners on managing habitats to benefit birds throughout the year, including specific advice for those covered by agri-environment schemes.

If you need information about birds in relation to a planning application see the Planning and Building Control section.

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