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What we need from you

In order to arrange a civil marriage or civil partnership, both you and your partner will need to give Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership to the Registrar where you live. If you are marrying in a chapel or a church other than the Church in Wales, you'll also need to give Notice of Marriage to the Registrar.

Both parties will need to produce the following documentation at their appointment to give notice:

  • Proof of name, date of birth and nationality

i)                Valid UK / EEA Passport

ii)              If either partner does not have a valid passport they must provide a copy of their long birth certificate (with parent's names) as proof of identity / nationality. If either partner was born after January 1983 you must also provide a copy of your mother's birth certificate.

  • Proof of address (one of the following for each party)

i)           Utility bill dated within the 3 months of the appointment. (The bill must be for services received at the property such as gas, electric, water, etc)

ii)         Bank / building society statement dated within 1 month of the appointment.

iii)       The most recent council tax bill for your home dated within 12 months of the appointment.

iv)        Valid EU photo card driving licence registered to your current address.

  • Proof of condition (if applicable)

i)           If divorced / dissolved - the decree absolute for marriage divorce or dissolution of civil partnership.

ii)         If widowed - the marriage and death certificate for the former spouse

  • Proof of name change (if applicable)

E.g. Statutory declaration, deed poll or equivalent

All of these documents must be originals and cannot be photocopies or prints


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