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Local Biodiversity Action Plan

Local Biodiversity Action Plan

The Powys Nature Partnership is a group of organisations and individuals who work together to conserve Powys' wildlife for the future. Their aims are as set out in the Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP).


Action Plans

Please click on the links below to view and download sections of the Powys Local Biodiversity Action Plan.


Habitat Action Plans
Coniferous Woodland [1MB] Rhos Pastures [1MB]
Farmland [1MB] Rivers and Streams [151KB]
Garden Habitat [839KB] Scrub and ffridd [1MB]
Linear Habitats [3MB] Traditional Orchards [68KB]
Low dry acid grassland [78KB] Upland calc grassland [65KB]
Lowland Meadows [1MB] Upland lowland heath [743KB]
Llowland Raised Bog [1MB] Upland oak woodland [1MB]
Lowland Wood Pasture [1MB] Wet woodland [1MB]
Mesotrophic Waters [114KB]  


Species Action Plans
Alien plant species [1MB] Pearl bord fritillary [1MB]
Allis shad twaite shad [768KB] Pillwort [124KB]
Brown hare [3MB] Pipstrelle bat [111KB]
Brown trout [1MB] Red kite [1MB]
Climb corydalis weevil [997KB] Red northern wood ant [146KB]
Curlew [262KB] Red squirrel [1MB]
European otter [177KB] River jelly lichen [751KB]
Fairy shrimp [675KB] River lamprey [913KB]
Float water plantain [737KB] Slender green feather moss [1MB]
Globeflower [134KB] Tree sparrow [874KB]
Great crested newt [157KB] Water vole [176KB]
Hazel dormouse [1MB] Waxcap Grasslands [1MB]
High brown fritillary [1MB] White clawed crayfish [1MB]
Nightjar [667KB] Wood bitter vetch [497KB]


Supplements and Appendices
Contents [174KB] Species Selection [1MB]
Introduction [4MB] Other information [3MB]
Habitat selection [186KB] Appendices [3MB]


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