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If the death occurs elsewhere

Expected Death

If the death was expected, contact the doctor who looked after the deceased during their final illness. If the doctor can certify the cause of death he or she will give you:

  • a Medical Certificate that shows the cause of death (this is free of charge and will be in a sealed envelope addressed to the registrar).
  • a Formal Notice that states that the doctor has signed the Medical Certificate and tells you how to get the death registered.

If they had a religious faith, you may wish to contact the deceased's minister of religion. Arrangements for the funeral may be made by a funeral director.

If death followed illness from HIV or AIDS there may be special rules about handling the body. The Terrence Higgins Trust can advise on funeral arrangements.

Unexpected Death

If you discover a body or the death is sudden or unexpected, you should contact the following people:

  • the family doctor (if known)
  • the deceased's nearest relative
  • the deceased's minister of religion (if known)
  • the police, who will help find the people listed above if needed

If there is any reason to suspect that the death was not due to natural causes, don't touch or remove anything in the room. The death may be referred to the coroner.

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