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NERS - Core StabilityImage of someone taking part in a NERS balance and strength session

These sessions offer support and encouragement to exercise for those who have been identified with chronic pain of the lower back, after assessment by their health professional.

The sessions take place twice weekly and provide an evidence based exercise programme designed to improve mobility with gentle exercise to develop good posture, strengthen muscles that support the back and get stiff uncomfortable joints moving again.

Led by an L4 Exercise Specialist in back care

NERS Balance and StrengthImage of someone taking part in a NERS fall prevention session

If you've had a fall in the past or are worried about falling, you may be able to attend our Balance and Strength sessions.  These sessions are run twice a week by our qualified instructors and are designed to reduce the risk of falls.

Balance and Strength sessions will help you to stay independent, stay on your feet and keep mobile. If this sounds like something that might help you, speak to your Falls Specialist Nurse about getting a medical assessment.

NERS Cardio Rehabilitation

If you have coronary heart disease you may be eligible for our NERS Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation programme. This is a fun 16-week exercise programme for people like you, who want to live a healthier life.Image of someone taking part in a NERS cardio-rehab session

If you've recently taken part in Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation, or your GP says that you meet the criteria, you could come and join other like minded people and our qualified instructors at one of our Leisure Centres.


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