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School meals and clothing grants

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If you are on a low income, we can help you with the cost of school meals for any pupil in full time education.


Free School Meals

If you register for free school meals, even if your child decides not to have a school lunch, you can:

  • Save up to £400 a year for each primary school child
  • Help your school and other schools in Powys to benefit from funding because you have registered
  • Registering for Free School Meals might also qualify you for other help and assistance.

To register is easy and confidential. You don't have to tell the school.

If your child decides to have the school meal on any day they just have the meal provided. Powys schools have systems which mean it is impossible for other pupils to know who is receiving free school meals.



Who can get free meals?

To get free meals in Powys schools, the parents/carers must get one of the following:

  1. Income Support
  2. Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)
  3. If you are an Asylum Seeker getting support under the Immigration and Asylum Act.
  4. State Pension Guaranteed Credit
  5. Employment and Support Allowance - Income based
  6. Child Tax Credit - as long as you are not getting an amount for childcare paid with your CTC, or getting Working Tax Credit. HM Revenue & Customs must also have worked out your household income as £16,190 a year or less.
  7. Universal Credit - as long as your annual net earnings are £7400 or less

You can also get free school meals if you are entitled to a Working Tax Credit 'run-on' payment for four weeks after stopping work or reducing working hours to under 16 hours a week.


How to register

  1. If you already get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, you don't need to fill in a form. Just contact us and we will do the rest.
  2. If you're going to apply for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, we can sort out free school meals at the same time.
  3. You can also just register for free school meals by completing the simple form below online and clicking submit

Complete the Free school meals form online


Pupil Development Grant - Access

The current scheme is for the academic year 20/21.  The grant scheme for the academic year commencing September 2021 has not yet been announced by Welsh Government.

We will be writing to all eligible learners. If you have received a letter from us, please compete the application form below.

Children eligible for free school meals can get a Welsh Government Grant when they are entering:

  • Reception class of a primary school in September 2020
  • Year 3 of primary school in September 2020
  • Year 7 of a secondary school in September 2020
  • Year 10 of a secondary school in September 2020
  • Pupils in special schools, special needs resource bases and pupil referral units who are aged 4 or 11 in September 2020

Learners in the category below will also qualify for £125 per child.

  • Looked after children of compulsory school age but they must attend school in Powys.

Qualifying Children entering Year 7 can receive up to £200 to help with additional costs of starting secondary school.


The scheme was extended in March 2021 to include the following year groups:

  • Year 1, Year 5, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 11of school in September 2020

£125 per eligible pupil

Powys staff will check all current free school meal awards to establish if each child is eligible for the grant payment.  New free school meal applications will also be checked for grant eligibility.

Not every child receiving free school meals is eligible for the grant.

If your child is transferring to a school outside Powys, please apply to the authority that maintains the school.

If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals, but are not currently claiming, please complete a free school meal application form here.

For further enquiries please call 01597827462 (please note we will not take bank details over the phone).

The fund will cover school uniform, other clothing worn at school such as sports kits, equipment for out-of-school-hours trips (including outdoor learning) and equipment for activities within the curriculum such as design and technology.

The scheme has recently been extended to include the purchase of IT equipment, laptop and tablet only, where the school is unable to loan equipment to the family.

This extension to the current scheme was announced on 5th March 2021 and will run until the end of June 2021.

Only one grant per academic year can be awarded.

Do not complete this form unless you are in an eligible year group for the academic year ending July 2021.  We will start the scheme for September 21 when details are provided from Welsh Government on eligible learners and amounts.

Pupil Development Grant - Access: Application Form Pupil Development Grant - Access: Application Form


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