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Active Travel

Active TravelThe Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 aims to make Wales a walking and cycling nation. Its purpose is to enable more people to undertake active travel for short journeys instead of using motorised vehicles where it is suitable for them to do so.


Overview of the Act

The Act requires local authorities in Wales to produce active travel maps and deliver year on year improvements in active travel routes and facilities.

It requires highways authorities in Wales to make enhancements to routes and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists in all new road schemes and to have regard to the needs of walkers and cyclists in a range of other highway authority functions.

It also requires the Welsh Ministers and local authorities to promote active travel journeys in exercising their functions under this Act.


View Existing Route Map (ERM) here - identifies existing routes suitable for walking and cycling.

View the Integrated Network Map- sets out stakeholder and residents aspirations for future active travel routes/improvements

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