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Report a scam

Scams are schemes to con you out of your money. It's very distressing to be caught out by a scam, but it's important to report it to try and stop the scammer striking again.Bilingual CAB logo

The Citizen's Advice Consumer Service handles all reports of scams on behalf of Trading Standards.

It could be a scam if:

  • A call, letter, email or text is not expected
  • you've never heard of the lottery or competition and didn't buy a ticket
  • you are asked to send money before you get your prize
  • you are told to respond quickly so you don't get time to think about it before you decide the best action to take
  • you are told to keep it a secret
  • It sounds too good to be true
  • you are requested to pay to extend a subscription or service you are not aware that you have

For help on how to spot scams and report a scam go to Citizens Advice website.

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