Private Water Supplies

A private water supply is any water supply which is not provided by a water company.  The source of the supply may be a spring, well, borehole or surface water (streams, lakes, etc.).  A supply may serve a single dwelling, several properties or commercial or public premises.Image of a water droplet

All private water supplies in Wales are regulated under the Private Water Supplies (Wales) Regulations 2017 The Regulations have been introduced to ensure that water from private supplies is wholesome, so that people who drink water or consume food or drinks made from private supplies may do so without risk to their health.

These regulations require us to;

  • undertake a risk assessment of all shared water supplies, supplies to tenanted properties and commercial supplies every 5 years and to respond to any request for a risk assessment by the owners or occupiers of a single dwelling
  • monitor all shared/tenanted supplies and commercial supplies in accordance with the sampling frequencies specified and to respond to any requests by owners or occupiers of single dwellings
  • keep records of all private water supplies in its district and to supply a report of activities undertaken to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).
  • follow set procedures if we consider a private water supply to be unwholesome or a potential danger to human health.

Register your private water supply

If your home or business is served by a private water supply and is not currently registered  download a questionnaire [81KB]  and return it to us.

Get your private water supply tested

If you have a private water supply and would like to arrange for a sample to be taken, or require any further advice on private water supply matters, please contact us.

Fees and charges

Private water supplies fees




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  • Phone: 01597 827467
  • Address: Environmental Health, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6AA

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