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LDP Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Supplementary Planning Guidance provides detailed planning guidance for policies and proposals in the adopted Powys Local Development Plan. Once approved, these will become material planning considerations in the determination of planning applications.

Public Consultation August 2019

The following draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) is now available for public consultation. The draft documents found below are available for comment between Friday 9th August and Friday 20th September 2019. Comments must be received by the Planning Policy Team by 5pm Friday 20h September 2019. Comments received after this time will be disregarded. Details of how to comment and where to send your comments can be found on the form for submitting comments found below. Contact details for the Planning Policy Team can also be found below.

Conservation Areas SPG Consultation Draft [3MB] Residential Design Guide SPG Consultation Draft [12MB]
Conservation Areas representation form [284KB] Residential Design Guide representation form [32KB]

The Council has approved and adopted the following Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Affordable Housing [688KB]

Biodiversity and Geodiversity [1MB]

Renewable Energy SPG [1MB]

Landscape SPG [2MB]

Planning Obligations [528KB]  

The SPGs have been prepared in line with the  SPG Protocol [677KB]

A Consultation Statement which details the preparation and consultation process of the SPGs can be found here:

Consultation Statement First Edition [815KB]

Appendix 1.1 - Representations on Planning Obligations SPG, Oct 2018 [186KB]

Appendix 1.2 - Representations on Affordable Housing SPG, Oct 2018 [252KB]

Appendix 1.3 - Representations on Biodiversity SPG, Oct 2018 [306KB]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SPG  can be read here [163KB] .

Note: The Residential Design Guide (2004) SPG prepared under the former Powys Unitary Development Plan remain as material planning consideration until it is replaced by the LDP's SPG. This can be found here.




  • Email: ldp@powys.gov.uk
  • Phone: 01597 826000
  • Address: Planning Policy, Powys County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG


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