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From the 2nd March 2015 Powys County Council is implementing a No Purchase Order, No Payment policy. From this date all suppliers MUST quote a Purchase Order (PO) number on their invoice in order for it to be processed for payment.Ask about an invoice

This requirement is already stated in our General Conditions of Contract and is being introduced to enable both a more efficient process within the council and enable us to provide faster payments (as within the agreed terms of trade).

All suppliers of goods and / or services must only accept a verbal or written order when a purchase order number is given. Any invoice received that does not quote a valid purchase order number will not be processed and will be returned. If you were not provided with a purchase order number you should contact the member of staff that gave the original instruction to request one. This will inevitably mean delays in payment and the possibility of payment being refused as the order is not compliant with our terms of trading.

Standard payment terms are 30 days from receiving an invoice quoting a valid Purchase Order number.

We wish to work with suppliers in a mutually beneficial relationship and this requirement is part of this process. Suppliers will benefit from an improved and more streamlined process for payment of invoices within terms of trade which includes ensuring we have email contact wherever possible - so we can email purchase orders in place of posting hard copies.

If you supply our schools there is no change to the payment process and is not included in the No PO, No Pay Policy.

Query an invoice with us here Query an invoice

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