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Taxi Licences

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Taxis or Hackney Carriages have to be licensed by the council. Taxis are allowed to park on taxi ranks and can be hailed by would-be passengers. Anyone wishing to licence a taxi has to make application to the Council and must be able to provide a suitable vehicle.

From 1st April 2019 an age policy for licensed vehicles will apply:

Vehicles first presented for licensing must be less than 6 years old from the date of first registration (admission age)

Vehicles currently licensed must be less than 12 years old from the date of first registration provided each subsequent licence takes place immediately on expiry of the current licence. (i.e. no breaks in between renewal of the licence). This condition will affect existing vehicle licences when the licence comes for renewal after 31st March 2020 (12 months after implementation)

Vehicles are inspected at least annually in addition to the normal MOT test.

Vehicle licences are only granted to vehicles which are suitable for taxi and private hire vehicle work. Our priority is to ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of everyone who use these vehicles, including people who are mobility impaired.

This service is carried out under legal requirements which make the Council responsible for licensing taxis and private hire vehicles (minicabs) as well as drivers of these vehicles, and the operators of private hire vehicles.

Licensed taxis must be fitted with a meter set at no more than the council's regulated tariffs (PDF) [126KB] and that the meter must be used for all journeys. It is acceptable for drivers to charge passengers less than the metered fare, however It is an offence to charge more than this. Passengers who believe they have been charged in excess of the metered fare should report this to the Licensing Team.

Application Forms

Licence Conditions (PDF) [246KB]

Licence Application (PDF) [260KB]

Guidance Notes (PDF) [142KB]

You will be charged a fee for these licences.

You will need to make an appointment to submit your application and vehicle documents (insurance etc.) also present the vehicle for licensing, please contact us.

Hackney Carriage licences are only issued where the proprietor intends to predominantly operate the vehicle in Powys. If it is found that a Powys licensed Hackney Carriage is not operating predominantly in Powys then that licence is likely to be revoked.

Intended Use Policy (PDF) [188KB]

If you have an accident in your licensed vehicle you must report it to the Licensing section using this form :  Hackney Carriage / Private Hire Accident Report Form (PDF) [160KB] 

The licence conditions require you to report this to us within 72 hours. Please e mail the form to the licensing team


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