What are the principles of decision making?

The principles that underpin the Council's decision making process are: 

  • Actions should be proportionate to the outcomes.
  • There should be proper consultation and professional advice taken from officers.
  • All decisions should reflect respect for human rights.
  • We should assume that our decisions will be made openly.
  • We should be clear about our aims and what we want to achieve.
  • We should always explain the reasons for a decision.
  • We should consider equality and diversity.


All our decisions must be taken in accordance with the principles of :

Openness: Being open about the decisions and actions that the Council takes.

Responsiveness: Listening to all sections of the community and finding a balance that will best meet local needs.

Representation: The council should act in the interests of the whole community.

Stewardship: We should make sure that we use our resources carefully and lawfully, and in the interests of the community we serve.

Integrity: We should support councillors and council employees to follow the highest ethical standards.

Equality: We should make sure that everyone can access our services and that everyone receives the same quality service. 

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