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Wellbeing Information Bank: Environment

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Waste management

Volumes of waste either sent to landfill or reused/recycled/composted by year and local authority.

Fly Tipping

The number of recorded fly tipping incidents by local authority.

Air quality

Average NO2 - Nitrogen Oxide, PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations across local authority areas, measured in µg/m3 (DEFRA data).

Flood risk

The National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) together with the National Property Dataset (NPD) are used to determine the number of properties (Residential and non-residential) at risk of flooding from rivers and sea in Wales.

Carbon dioxide emissions

Estimates of CO2 emissions from 2005-2018, in metric tonnes as a Grand Total and per Capita Emissions (per person).

Renewable energy

A study of low carbon energy projects in Wales.

Energy consumption

Domestic gas and electricity mean consumption in kwh.

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