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Wellbeing Information Bank: Social

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Disability and sensory loss within Powys

The rate of people with registered disability and sensory loss per 1,000 population, by Local Authority.

Unpaid carers

The number of unpaid carers by provision of care by LSOA and Locality.

Delay in transfer of care (DTOC)

The numbers of people experiencing a delay in the arrangements for them to leave hospital, for example to go home, or to move to another more appropriate facility within the NHS by local authority.

Understanding neighbourhoods and our vulnerable persons

View information about understanding neighbourhoods and our vulnerable persons.

Health of adults

Health and illnesses of adults aged 16+ by Local Authority, by health status and/or illness.


The percentage of people self-reported by lifestyle criteria and Local Authority.

School benchmarking

Information on pupil numbers, free school meals, language, additional learning needs and attendance across Wales.

Domiciliary care

Number of clients and hours.

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