The Building Act 1984 Section 80

Anyone who intends to carry out the demolition of a building must inform us in writing.

It is illegal to start demolition work unless the council has been notified. The notification must specify which building it relates to, and the demolition to be carried out, but this doesn't have to be set out on a special form. A description of the proposed demolition could be incorporated on an accompanying building regulation submission form or building notice.

Failure to notify us will prevent us from serving a Demolition Notice. The person notifying the council must send a copy of the notification to:

a. The occupier of any building adjacent to the building to be demolished
b. Any public gas supplier in whose authorised area the demolition is taking place
c. The public electricity supplier in whose authorised area the building is situated
d. Any other person authorised by a licence to supply electricity.

Demolition may legally start after the authority has issued a Demolition Notice under Section 81, or if the authority hasn't issued a Demolition Notice within six weeks of the date of service of the notice of intent.

It is an offence to begin demolition work without notifying us. However, this does not prevent us serving a Demolition Notice and then beginning proceedings for a fine.

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