NOTICE - Can you help in a care Emergency?

Care homes in Powys are experiencing short-term staff shortages because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This lack of staff can put the care and wellbeing of frail and vulnerable residents at risk.

Increasingly care homes have needed help with short-term staff cover. These situations happen at short notice and must be responded to urgently.

To meet this need we are setting up a 'Care Homes Emergency Response Team' of Council staff who have volunteered to be deployed to help in a care home staffing crisis.  

In the event of needing to be deployed members will be temporarily released from their normal Council work duties to do this. The Team members will only be deployed in a care home as a final measure once all other alternatives have been exhausted by the Council.

There will be three 'Emergency Response Teams' (North, Mid and South Powys) but staff may need to be deployed outside their own 'area' in the event of an emergency. Each 'team' will consist of 5-6 staff who have volunteered to undertake this role.

The teams will only be deployed to provide short term emergency staff cover - typically for a period of 2-5 days. In practice only 1 or 2 Team members may need to be deployed on any given date/shift.

Care homes typically operate 8-hour Morning, Afternoon and Night time shift patterns. The shifts to be covered by PCC staff will be agreed with the home to accommodate the home's needs but also the circumstances of the staff to be deployed.

The nature of the duties to be undertaken will depend on the staff shortages being experienced by the care home, but may include (but not be limited to):

•       Cleaning and/or cooking

•       General resident support (making teas/coffees etc, providing resident activities, etc.)

•       and (where staff have experience/training) support care home staff with residents' care

Staff who volunteer to be a member of the 'Emergency Response Team' need to: ​

•       Be able to be deployed at short notice and be willing to cover night shifts or weekend shifts​

•       Agree to work in settings that are experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak​

•       Be willing to work at any care home location in their team's 'area'​

•       Have their own transport to and from the place of deployment​

•       Be fully Covid-19 vaccinated​

•       Agree to undertake Covid-19 lateral flow tests during their period of deployment and following deployment in accordance with WG regulations COVID-19 contacts: guidance for health and social care staff [HTML] | GOV.WALES

•        Have a current appropriate DBS check​

If you decide you want to volunteer to be a 'Care Homes Emergency Response Team' member please complete our form below and we will contact you directly.

Volunteer application form Volunteer application form

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