NOTICE: Does your business qualify for the 'Business Support for Covid Restrictions' Grant?

Grants are available of between £2500 to £10000 to support businesses, social enterprises and charities and associated supply chain businesses that have experienced / will continue to experience a material negative impact as a result of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions from the beginning of 1st May 2021 onwards.


If you feel you are eligible, and your business has:


You are not eligible for this grant if:

  • The business generates less than 50% of your income if you are a sole trader or partnership. The business must be your main source of income.
  • Your turnover has not reduced by at least 60% compared to the May / June period in 2019 or an equivalent trading period if you started after that date
  • You are eligible for support from the Cultural Recovery Fund - Freelancer Support (launched on 17 May 2021).
  • You have received funding for costs for the same time period from funds such as the "Be Active Wales Fund" or the "Communities Resilience Fund".


Read more about the Business Fund here

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