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Compassionate Communication

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This Zoom training course is aimed at health and social care professionals who want to gain knowledge and insight into the building blocks of compassionate communication in care.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Guide trainees through a series of specific online experiential exercises that explore the positive impact of compassionate communication in the care partnership
  • Develop trainees' confidence in connecting with a person living with dementia, including the use of non-verbal communication
  • Provide a space, including breakout rooms for trainees to share practice and reflect on experiences
  • Explore how compassionate communication can help to reduce anxiety and stress in the care partnership

Half day training via Zoom which follows on from Experiencing Dementia :

28th June: 9.30am-1pm

12th July: 9.30am-1pm

29th Sept: 9.30am-1pm


There is no charge to attend these courses, however a cancellation charge may apply to non-attendance if sufficient notice is not given

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