Garden Waste collection service - Terms and Conditions

1. The Agreement

1.1         This agreement is made between the resident ('the customer') and Powys County Council ('the Council'). This document sets out the terms and conditions under which the customer may use the Council's fortnightly garden waste collection service ('the service)'.

1.2         The council may vary or change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time. The customer will be given 10 days' written notice of any such changes.

2. The Service

2.1         The service consists of chargeable fortnightly collections of garden waste from Powys County Council issued containers throughout the garden waste collection season (the 'season').

2.2         In 2021, the season runs from Monday the 1st of March to Friday the 3rd of December.

2.2.1     Individual customers' collections will fall between the dates specified in section 2.2 depending on the start date of the collection cycle for their property. For example, if the collection cycle for a given property for the 2021 season starts on Monday the 1st of March, their last collection will be on Monday the 22nd of November; but if it begins on Friday the 12th of March, the last collection will be on Friday the 3rd of December.

2.2.2     The specific collection dates for each customer will be communicated by email upon successful application to the service, or by customer services staff if paying over the phone. Additionally, all collection dates in the season for a given property will be printed on the sticker(s) provided (see section 2.6). Individual collection dates can also be checked at any point throughout the season on the bin day finder on the Council's website, or by calling the Council's customer services team on 01597 827 465.

2.2.3     Due to the changing nature of subscriber numbers from season to season, as well as within a season, the Council may make changes to the collection rounds, and therefore potentially to a customers' collection days, where necessary to maintain an operationally practical and economical service. Any day changes will be fully communicated by email or telephone where possible, or else by in writing by post, and replacement sticker(s) issued to the customer.

2.2.4     Collection day changes may also occur between seasons upon review of the collection rounds in the off-season. These will not be communicated to the customer until the customer re-subscribes for the following new season (see section 2.2.2), and so customers should not assume that their collection day will automatically be the same as in a previous season.

2.3        The green garden waste wheeled bins will remain the property of the Council through the duration of the Agreement.

2.4        The charge for the service is per container, for the current season only (see section 2.2). If a customer subscribes part way through the current season, they are still only entitled to the remainder of the scheduled collections in the current season only for that charge. Therefore to ensure access to all available collections within the season, customers should subscribe as early as possible before the season begins.

2.4.1     The charges for each container type for the current season are as follows;  The charge applied for collections from a 240ltr wheeled bin is £37.  The charge applied for collections from a 120ltr wheeled bin is £32.  The charge applied for collections from sacks is £32.

2.5         Customers are able to request more than one container per property. Additional containers will be provided at cost to the customer, as per clauses 2.4.1, 2.4.2 or 2.4.3.

e.g. two 240ltr wheeled bins per property would be charged at £74.

2.6         The council will provide a garden waste subscription sticker to customers for each wheeled bin they have paid for. This will be posted to the customers address within 10 working days of the subscription date.

2.6.1    The customer must place the stickers below the wheeled bin handlebar. The council will not collect garden waste from bins not displaying their garden waste subscription sticker.

2.7         The council will only collect garden waste from within containers provided by the council. The waste must be completely within the container and no side waste (additional waste left adjacent to, or on top of the bin) will be collected.

2.8         The council will not empty green garden waste containers that are too heavy or unsafe to handle. The customer will ensure that excess weight is removed where necessary. The maximum weight of material that will be collected from each wheeled bin is;

2.8.1    90kg of garden waste in a 240ltr wheeled bin

2.8.2    45kg of garden waste in a 120ltr wheeled bin

2.9         The green garden waste containers must be presented for collection by 7:30am on the designated collection day.

2.10      If the customer requires an Assisted Collection Service, they must apply to the council in advance by calling 01597 827 465.

2.11      If your green garden waste containers become damaged we will repair or replace it, free of charge, as soon as is reasonably practicable. However, if the damage is due to neglect or misuse, the cost of repair or replacement may be recharged to the customer. If your green garden waste wheeled bin is damaged, please report this to the Council 01597 827 465.

2.12      If your green garden waste containers are lost or stolen, please notify the Council along with a Police incident number. Once we have received this we will replace it, free of charge, as soon as is reasonably practical. Please call the Council 01597 827 465.

2.13      Should a customer change address (within Powys) the service can be transferred to a new address, providing notification is provided to the council. Customers moving outside of the county must inform the council and present the green garden waste wheeled bin for removal.

3. Termination

3.1         The council reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and remove green garden waste wheeled bins from customers at any time if;

3.1.1    The council decides that the property is not suitable for the service due to restricted access. A full refund will be made to the customer.

3.1.2    The customer fails to make payments related to this Agreement to the council at the required time. A refund will not be made for monies received and the customer will remain liable to pay the full season cost of the service.

3.2         The customer regularly places items out for collection which do not qualify as household garden waste, or which are prohibited items. A refund will not be made for monies received and the customer will remain liable to pay the full season cost of the service.

3.3         The customer is able to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving seven days' prior written notice to the Council. A refund for monies received will not be made and the customer will remain liable to pay the full season cost of the service.


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