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Commercial Vehicle or Trailer (CVT) Permit: Change of address or vehicle

Change of address

If you've moved house within Powys, please let us know as soon as possible, by contacting the Waste Contracts team at, and provide us with a new proof of address for your new property.

The permit itself will be unaffected in the interim, so you can continue to use it even before you tell us about having moved. However, it is still necessary to tell us as soon as possible, as the permits are tied to both the vehicle and property. As such, not informing us may mean that we have to rescind your permit if the new occupants of your old house also apply for one.

Change of vehicle

If you've sold or changed your vehicle, please let us know, as you will not be allowed to unload your waste on site unless the registration of your vehicle matches what is printed by us on your permit.

Contact the Waste Contracts team by emailing You'll need to provide us with a copy of the registered keeper and vehicle details sections from your new vehicle's V5. These should be found on the front and second pages for V5 documents issued from April 2019 onwards, and Sections 4 & 5 on the second page for those issued before. For company or works vehicles, we'll need to see the new V5, if available, or the new lease agreement showing the vehicle details if not, as well as a new letter of permission from your employer to show that you are authorised to use the new vehicle to transport your domestic waste.


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