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Pavement Licences

Guidance for applicants

Please read the information below before proceeding.

You will need to have electronic copies of the following documents to upload during the application process:

  • A plan showing the location and details of your proposal. This can be a sketch but must clearly show sufficient information to identify the location and the proposed layout.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance. Information provided in your application will be made available for public viewing on the councils website. Personal details such as name, contact details and personal addresses will not be disclosed on the website.

You will need to describe what you want to do, the area you want to use and your hours of operation. 

Please read the standard conditions before applying.

Variations may be applied to the standard conditions.

Once we receive your application we will carry out some initial checks to:

  • ensure that we are allowed to grant permission (we cannot grant permission on all highways);
  • ensure that your application contains all the information we require to start the process (we will contact you if there are any problems);
  • identify who we need to consult or obtain consent from.

We estimate these checks will take around a week.

The consultation and consent part of the permission takes a minimum of 28 days.

We will endeavour to give you an indication of how your application is progressing after around 10 days. This does not guarantee that permission will be granted but will allow you to plan with greater confidence. At the end of the 28-day consultation period we estimate it will take a further week to review any comments and make a decision on your application.

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