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Council Tax discounts and reductions (People)

Council Tax is based on 2 or more eligible adults living in the same home. 

Tell us about any other situation so that we can make sure you only pay the right amount of Council tax and no more. You may be able to receive a Council Tax discount. You may be able to receive a Council Tax discount, and this  handy guide [186KB]  will help you find out if you are eligible to pay less Council Tax.

You cannot get a Council Tax discount just because you are having trouble paying it. If you are having difficulty paying Council Tax, you can talk to us to see if we can help.

You must tell us immediately of a change in your circumstances.  Failure to do so may result in a Council Tax Penalty being imposed. [34KB] If you disagree with a penalty imposed on you, you may wish to discuss it with us first. Alternatively, you may appeal direct to the Valuation Tribunal Wales

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Council Tax when only one adult lives in a property

If you are the only eligible adult living in a property, you may qualify for a 25% discount.  This may arise because of a death, separation, divorce or another adult simply moving out - or any other reason.

Council Tax discount for being the only adult living in a property 


Care Leavers

A person who is between 18 and 25 years of age and is a category 3 young person as defined in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014

 Apply for a Care Leavers discount


Council Tax for students, apprentices and trainees

If you are an adult who is a student, apprentice or trainee, you may not have to pay Council Tax. You need to tell us that you are a student and where you are living.


People permanently in hospital or residential care

If an adult has moved out of your house to stay in a hospital, residential care home or nursing home permanently, they will not be eligible to pay Council Tax.

Tell us when an adult is permanently in hospital or care

If the property is left permanently unoccupied, you should

Tell us the property is unoccupied


A young person at home turns 18

If you have a young person living at home who turns 18, they are liable to pay Council Tax.  If they are students or if you continue to receive child benefit for them, then they will not be liable for Council Tax.

Tell us when a young adult becomes 18 years old


Housing benefit

If you receive Housing Benefit, you can claim help towards Council Tax (Reduction), Free School Meals and School Clothing Grants all at the same time.

Apply for housing benefit


Disabled or severely mentally impaired people

If you are disabled or if you have a disabled person of any age living at home, the amount of Council Tax you have to pay may be reduced. 

People with a severe mental impairment (such as dementia) may be exempt from paying Council Tax.  

Find out more about Council Tax help for people with disabilities or impariments



If you are a carer living in the same property as the person you are caring for, you may not have to pay Council Tax.

Find out more about Council Tax help for carers


Council Tax when somebody has died

When an adult has died, you must tell us so that we can make sure that you or the estate only pays the right amount of Council tax and no more.  You must also register the death.

Tell Council Tax about a death


People in prison or other legal detentions

If you or an adult in your home has been detained by order of a court in prison, hospital or any other place, that person is not eligible to pay Council Tax.

Tell Council Tax when an adult is detained


People in specific situations

You may not be eligible to pay Council Tax if you are a:

  • member (or dependent) of International Headquarters and Defence Organisations
  • member of Religious Communities
  • member (or dependent) of visiting forces
  • a non-British spouse of a student
  • have diplomatic privilege or immunity

Find out more about these specific situations for Council Tax


Exceptional individual circumstances

If you are under exceptional unforeseen personal circumstances you may be allowed a discretionary discount. You will have to provide evidence of why your circumstances are exceptional.

Council_Tax_Sct__13A_Locally_Defined_Discounts_JUNE18 [376KB]

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