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Rent and Service Charges - Questions and Answers

Why has my service charge changed?

Service charges are based on the actual cost of providing extra services to your home over and above the basic provision of maintenance, management, and long-term investment. These costs vary year-to-year so we change the service charge to match the cost of providing these services.

The charges calculated for 2023-24 are based on actual  costs incurred in the period 2021/2022.

Why do I pay a service charge for a lift I never use?

Lifts are provided for everyone in a block to use. The service charge covers the cost of providing and maintaining the lift, which can be used by any tenant. Where a block benefits from a lift all the households are expected to contribute to the cost of providing this important facility.

I pay my water rates so why do I have to pay a service charge for sewerage to the Council?

Water rates are only for the supply of fresh water and not for sewerage. Your sewerage is processed through a system owned by the Council not the water company. The Council needs to recover the costs of providing this service for you.