Incredible Years

The Incredible Years programmes are a set of complementary and interlocking programmes for parents, teachers and children. The programmes are designed to work jointly to promote emotional, social and academic competence, and to prevent and reduce behavioural and emotional problems in young children.

Incredible Years for Parents

We hope that all parents enjoy their children's 'Incredible Years', but being a parent is, without a doubt, the hardest job of all. With this in mind, there are opportunities across Powys for parents to join the following Incredible Years groups:

  • Your Incredible Baby
  • Your Incredible ToddlerBoy reading
  • Your Incredible Child (3-6 years and 6-11 years)

During the groups parents:

  • share ideas about encouraging their child's social, emotional and language development
  • think about ways of spending special or quality time with their children
  • problem solve ways of setting limits and managing difficult behaviour with toddlers and older children.

The groups are coordinated by Early Help, last between seven and fourteen weeks, and are free to attend. To help parents get the most from the groups a free crèche and free refreshments are provided.

Parents attending the Getting Ready for Toddler and School Years groups can also work towards an OCN level two qualification with Coleg Powys.

Incredible Years in Schools

Starting School: Incredible Years 'School Readiness'

This is a group where parents to share ideas about getting their child ready for school by playing and reading with them. The groups usually last for four weeks and there are free refreshments and usually a free crèche.

What about Children?

Children in the Foundation phase in many schools have their own Incredible Years course, it's called Dinosaur school. Life size puppets, Wally and Dina help children learn about important things like following school rules,concentrating, finding out about feelings and solving problems.

What about Teachers?

Teachers also have Incredible Years groups to help them share ideas about encouraging children's social development and manage behaviour positively. In fact the teachers groups are very similar to the groups for parents. We hope teachers and parents will share similar ideas about encouraging children to develop social skills, do their best in school and enjoy their 'Incredible Years'.

The Incredible Years Teaching pyramid - Many schools in Powys use a whole school Incredible Years approach to managing behaviour positively. The Incredible Years programmes are a key part of the Family and Behaviour Support strategy in Powys. We are able to offer free local training for group leaders in all of the programmes and provide support to ensure the programmes are implemented effectively.



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