Incredible Years

The Incredible Years programmes are a set of complementary and interlocking programmes for parents, teachers and children. The programmes are designed to work jointly to promote emotional, social and academic competence, and to prevent and reduce behavioural and emotional problems in young children.

Due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, Incredible Years groups are currently being held virtually, however the full programme is still being run.

Incredible Years for Parents

We hope that all parents enjoy their children's 'Incredible Years', but being a parent is, without a doubt, the hardest job of all. With this in mind, there are opportunities across Powys for parents to join the following Incredible Years groups:Boy reading

  • Your Incredible Baby
  • Your Incredible Toddler
  • Your Incredible Child 

Your Incredible Baby Group

A formal 9-week parental self-care programme run by trained Incredible Years facilitators, which helps your baby to feel loved, safe and secure as well as encouraging language, social and physical development. It also helps you to understand your baby, their brain development and how to read your baby's cues. The sessions run for 1 hour 30 minutes per week for parents/carers.

Your Incredible Toddler Group

A formal group for parents/carers run by trained Incredible Years facilitators, introducing parents to tools that will enable them to develop a strong attachment or bond with their child, support their language, social and emotional development as well as keeping them safe. Also helping parents with typical toddler issues such as tantrums and bedtimes. This is a 12-week programme for 1 hour 30 minutes per session.

Your Incredible Child Group

A formal 12-week programme run by trained Incredible Years facilitators, on how to build a strong bond/attachment with your child and promote your child's social, emotional and academic development. It promotes positive behaviour which reduces problems at home and in schools. Each session is approximately 1 hour and aimed at parents/carers of 3-10 year olds.

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