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The Planning Process

Submission, Registration and Validation and Fees

Submission, Registration and Validation

Applicants can submit an application electronically or in paper format to the local planning authority. The application forms will vary for each consent type to accommodate the different information that is relevant for the determination of each case.

Checking by the local planning authority, whether all required items have been submitted (commonly called 'validation'), is important. Validation identifies whether the information requirements for the application type have been met.

If a local planning authority is satisfied it has received an application that meets the requirements set out in the Standard Application Form, including additional assessment documents, it must be registered as a valid application. Clear omissions will result in the application being determined as invalid.

Please note that submission of poor-quality applications can result in significant delay for your applications.

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A fee is payable for most types of permission. The fees are set nationally and must accompany the submission of the application. Without payment of the appropriate fee, an application is not valid.

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