Will I have to change school?

We try hard to find you a foster carer who lives fairly close so that you don't have to change schools.  You may need to catch a school bus or be taken by your carer if it is a drive away. Sometimes it is not possible for you to stay in the same school and your Social Worker will talk to you about this.

Can I still do after school activities and go on school trips?

Your foster carer and social worker will encourage you to join in with activities if you want to. Your Foster Carer will be given money to pay for you to keep doing the activities you enjoy, or to try new things.

What do I do if I'm not happy with things?

If you are worried or unhappy you can talk to your social worker, foster carer, teacher or advocate.  They will listen to you and do their best to help. You can talk to them whenever you want to and every so often you will all meet up to discuss your care plan and how you feel.

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