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What happens after you apply?

Council garages are allocated according to the following order of priority:

You are Priority 1 if you:

  • live on the estate where the garage is situated and
  • do not already rent a garage from the Council and
  • if tenants of Powys County Council, have a clear rent account.

You are Priority 2 if you:

  • already rent a garage from the Council and are paid up to date on all rent accounts and/or
  • do not live on the estate where the garage is situated.

Where there is an active waiting list, each household shall be limited to no more than two garages.

The Council will at all times give consideration to Priority 1 applicants on the waiting list for the estate/block where the vacancy has arisen.

Where there is more than one Priority 1 applicant on the waiting list, the garage will first be offered to the applicant who has spent the longest time on the waiting list and then to the next longest standing applicant until such a time that a tenant has been found for the garage.

When there are no Priority 1 applicants on the waiting list, or the garage has been refused by all Priority 1 applicants, or there are no eligible Priority 1 applicants on the list.  The Council will then consider Priority 2 applicants as described in paragraph 1, in the date order on which they appear on the waiting list.

We will call you to find out if you'd like to accept an offer of a garage. We will then write a formal offer of tenancy, which will begin once the garage becomes available.

If we cannot contact you by telephone, we will send you a written informal offer asking you to respond within 14 days.

If you refuse more than two offers of tenancy on an estate/block of your choice, your application will be removed from the waiting list.

If a tenant cannot be found from the waiting list, the Council will advertise the vacancy.