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Examples of repair recharges


Empty Homes (Void) Relet Works

When a tenancy ends, the council may have to repair items that were the tenants' responsibility or have deteriorated due to the neglect of the tenant.

Tenants will normally be given the opportunity to put right any problems before the tenancy ends.


Costs following an Emergency e.g. Fire or flood

It is recommended that all tenants take out a household contents insurance policy.

Costs incurred by the Council where a tenant or customer is not adequately insured in respect of fire/flood or other emergency.


Property Damage/Abuse or Neglect by a Tenant

Where it comes to our attention that a current tenant is responsible for damage to either their own property or damage to common parts, for example, a block of flats, then the appropriate Housing Staff will initially deal with the matter as a breach of tenancy and will inform the tenant that they should repair the damage at their own cost and within a certain time.

If the tenant does not comply with a specific request then the officer will consider whether the works should be undertaken by the Council and to recharge the tenant.

It may be necessary to undertake repairs immediately, for example if further damage to the property may be caused, if the Health and Safety of the tenant or others are at risk or if damage to common parts of a building is caused and other tenants/clients are affected by not ordering the repair.

The Tenants Handbook [8MB] refers to the measures the Council can take with regard to breaches of the conditions of tenancy.


Transfers and Mutual exchanges

Any costs incurred by the Council, particularly relating to wilful damage or neglect by the tenant(s) or tenant(s) household preceding or following a transfer or mutual exchange will be recharged. The Council may recharge all parties to a mutual exchange.


Works Requested

Requests for works to be carried out that are not Council responsibility e.g. replacement lost keys, changing locks, costs involved in gaining access, etc will be considered. Such works are often emergency works and a recharge account may be set up immediately.


Cost of Removing Rubbish/ Untidy Gardens

If a current tenant / client is guilty of dumping rubbish or their garden needs clearing, the appropriate Housing Staff will in the first instance treat the matter as a breach of tenancy or agreement. However, if the Officer decides that it is more practical to get the necessary work done and to recharge the tenant/client then they may do so.

Members of the public who dump rubbish on Council land will be recharged the costs incurred.


Wilful Damage/Vandalism

If a tenant, visitor / relative of a tenant / client or a member of the general public is found to have caused wilful damage to Powys County Council property then in the first instance Housing Staff will pursue the matter via the police.

Compensation may be applied for through the Courts, which will outline the actual cost to repair the damage and costs incurred by the authority in organising the repair.

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