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Need help with Benefits, Budgeting, Debt or Fuel Costs?

need help with benefits entitlement or money advice

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We offer free and confidential advice and support to you.

Our trained and accredited team can offer a range of money advice and support by either phone or personal appointment at home or your local Council Office or in your community to help you with:

  • Help you find ways to maximise your income
  • Welfare Benefits; help with applying for benefits, welfare grants, advice on your entitlements and ongoing support
  • Help you manage your fuel costs and find better ways to heat your home
  • Help you manage your debt situation
  • Discuss your options with new debt Breathing Space which could give you valuable time to find an effective and long-term solution for dealing with your debts and help you move forward
  • Help you manage your finances through budgeting better
  • We work in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and Department of Work and Pensions to provide specialist money and benefit support to cancer patients and their carers who are Powys

We also have a range of free tools to help you manage your money better too:

Benefits calculator

This helps you possibly increase your money in by showing you what benefits you may get and what happens if you have a change like starting work

Money Manager

If you get Universal Credit it helps you manage your money including if you recently lost the covid £20 support

Budget Planner

This helps you see where your money is being spent, and how much you've got coming in.