Residential Caravan/Mobile Home Sites

image of caravan parkFrom 1st April 2015 residential caravan/mobile home sites also known as park home sites, and mixed sites with residential caravans/mobile homes will need to hold a licence under the above Act.

Site owners of existing sites will need to make an application for a new Licence as the licence they currently hold for residential caravans/mobile homes under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 will no longer be valid after 1st April 2015.  However, for mixed sites the old licence will continue to apply for the holiday and touring caravan element of the site.

Planning permission for residential caravans will need to be in place first and the site owner or manager will need to be a 'fit and proper' person to hold such a licence

For residents selling or buying a residential mobile home new rules are in place.

Download our fees policy [100KB]

Additional Mobile Home Guidance can be found on the Welsh Government website

Licence conditions

We attach conditions to licences, and if site licence conditions aren't met, we can take enforcement action which includes the serving of Compliance Notices or Fixed Penalty Notices.

Site Licence conditions are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of caravan occupants and covers things like drainage, distances between caravans and so on.

The Model Standards 2008 for Caravan Sites in Wales will be attached to all Mobile Homes Sites in Powys

Site Rules

Site rules are not compulsory, but where a site has rules these will need to be reviewed before 1st October 2015 and will be available to be viewed on line after this date. More information about site rules and the process for reviewing them can be found on the Welsh Government website.

How to apply

Please apply in writing, giving us details of the land involved and any other information you think is relevant.

You can use the links on the right of this page to apply.

If there is a problem, we'll get in touch. If you haven't heard from us within 42 days of making your application, you can assume that your application is granted.

There is a charge for this licence.

Complaints and appeals

If you're unhappy with any of our decisions, please take it up with us first.

If you are refused permission to alter a condition you can appeal to a Residential Property Tribunal. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the written notification of the refusal.

If you want to appeal against a condition attached to a licence, you can appeal to a Residential Property Tribunal. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the licence being issued.

We may alter conditions at any time but must give licence holders the chance to object to the proposed changes. If you disagree with the alterations you can appeal to a Residential Property Tribunal. The appeal must be made within 28 days of the written notification of the alteration.

For disputes in relation to:

Mobile Home Agreements, Site Rules & Pitch Fees then contact the Residential Property Tribunal Wales.

Consumer complaints

We respond to complaints about unsatisfactory caravans and caravan sites and carry out regular inspections of caravan sites to make sure that they are meeting their site licence conditions.

If you have a complaint about a caravan site please contact your local office.

Application Forms

Application Form [29KB]

Guidance Notes [60KB]

You can also get an application form from us using the contact details on this page.  Please complete the form and return it with the fee to the area licensing office.




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