Residential park rules

We are required under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (as amended by the Mobile Homes Act 2013) to keep and publish an up-to-date register of park home rules.

Site rules on residential mobile home sites ensure community cohesion and good management of the site, while also making sure that mobile home owners are clear of the rules that apply to them.

The Mobile Homes (Site Rules)(Wales) Regulations 2014 detail the procedure that a site owner must use when making, varying or deleting a site rule. They establish the process for consulting on proposed changes, grant appeal rights and require local authorities to keep and publish a register of site rules for sites in their area. 


  1. When a site owner undertakes a review of existing rules or wants to make any new rules they must first consult with all mobile home owners and any qualifying residents association (QRA). The consultation must be open for responses for a minimum of 28 days. Within 21 days of the end of the consultation the site owner must send a Consultation Response Document to all home owners notifying them of the result of the consultation and which site rules are to be adopted.
  2. If a mobile home owner wishes to appeal the site owner's decision to adopt, delete or vary a site rule they must apply to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT).  They must do this within 21 days of receiving the consultation response document.
  3. Once the new rules are agreed, the site owner must deposit the new site rules with the local authority no later than 42 days after serving the consultation response document. If an appeal has been lodged, the site owner cannot deposit the site rules until the appeal has been determined. Once the appeal has been determined, the site owner has 14 days to deposit the site rules with the local authority, unless otherwise specified by the tribunal.


Find the names of residential parks within Powys, their site rules and the date we received the rules below:


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