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Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

  1. The valid Permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle, when in use.
  2. The Permit is only valid for the vehicle for which the permit is issued.
  3. Car Park Permits are ONLY valid in long stay car parks within Powys, they are NOT VALID in short stay or leisure centre car parks.
  4. Residents Parking Permits are ONLY valid within the area stated on the permit.
  5. The issue of a Permit does not infer availability of a parking place. If no parking spaces are available, this does not justify a parking contravention elsewhere.
  6. The Permit does not authorize use of a disabled space.
  7. Trailers or caravans are not covered unless included within the permit type [for car parks only].
  8. The Council reserves the right to cancel any permit found to be misused.
  9. Replacement for a change of vehicle registration will incur a £25 administration charge and the original permit must be surrendered at the time of replacement.
  10. Replacement of a lost permit or refunds on surrender will incur an administration charge of £25
  11. The Permit is not transferrable. It remains the property of Powys County Council and must be returned, if requested for any reason, and NO refunds will be given.
  12. Only Permits Issued by Powys County Council are Valid.
  13. Copying of permits is strictly prohibited and will invalidate the original.

Failure to follow the terms and conditions will result in the issue of a penalty charge notice

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