ED081 - ED097

ED081  Machynlleth - Gypsy and Traveller Site: Decision Notice for Full Planning Permission granted 1 August 2017 [156KB]

ED082  Email correspondence between Inspector and Council re HRA Revisions to Policy DM2 (Aug-Sep 2017) [85KB]   

ED083 Matters Arising Changes Consultation Documents:  

ED083b  Schedule of Matters Arising Changes - Written Statement (September 2017) [8MB]

ED084  Email correspondence between Council and Inspector re HRA - Appendix 3 changes to LDP (Sep 2017) [72KB]

ED085  Council email re update on ASN76 discussed at HS13 (13.9.17) [37KB]  

ED086  CPRW letter to Inspector re MAC consultation which includes a reference table for locating the proposed Solar LSAs in the Matters Arising Changes (Proposals Maps) and the Landscape Sensitivity Study [ED060] (9.10.17) [597KB]  

ED087 TAN20 CPO letter and update (October 2017):  

ED088  Matters & Issues Agenda for HS19 - Renewable Energy on 10 Jan 2018 [294KB]  

ED089  Email from Council responding to Inspector's query on historic assets 2.11.17 [51KB]

ED090   Flood constraint map for Former Kays Foundry Site - P51 MUA1 with TAN 15 DAM C2 (23.11.17) [1MB]

ED091 Matters Arising Changes Representations

ED092  Council's Consultation Report updated December 2017 [1MB]  &  Appendix 6 - Summary of MAC Representations [2MB]. [2MB]   (Including responses to MAC representations - see page 90 onwards and Appendix 6) 

ED093 Participants' & Council's Further Statements (and associated documents) for Renewable Energy Hearing Session 19 on 10 January 2018

ED094  Council response to Inspector query re Provision Of Agricultural Land Classification Information 21.12.17 [130KB]  

ED095  Comparative table showing Agricultural Land Classification stats referred to in HS19 statement by Mr Sinclair [HS19-6859] (9.1.18) [14KB]  

ED096 Inspector's Report (March 2018)

ED097 Adopted Powys Local Development Plan, April 2018 

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