Scaffolding / bunting licence

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Scaffolding licenceYou will need a licence if you are carrying out any building work/maintenance/erection of seasonal decorations (bunting) or removal of any part of a property which is next to the public highway (road, pavement or rear lane).  The safety of all users of the highway is paramount.


Asking for permission

There must be safe areas (at ground level) or a platform (at high level). If you need to put hoardings on the highway around the place of work or scaffolding, you will need to get permission from the council.

Once we've given permission, you must make sure that you read the conditions attached to the licence and follow them at all times.


Request a licence for scaffolding or bunting Request a licence for a skip / scaffold / bunting


Licence fees and charges


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  • Phone: 01597 827465
  • Address: Parking, Powys County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5LG

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