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Using the pavement, road, verge or highway

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Using a pavement or roadThe council does not licence the use of any pavement, road, verge or other highway for street displays; advertising signs; trading or pavement cafés. 

We recognise that a display of goods and advertising signs adds to the sense of vitality on our streets but it is important to make sure that:

  • Pedestrians can use the street easily and safely, especially those who are sight impaired, elderly, disabled or who have pushchairs or wheelchairs
  • There is always clear visibility at crossing places and junctions
  • Footways are clutter free, shops are accessible and essential cleaning and maintenance work can be completed.

We require a minimum footway width of 1.5 metres to be kept clear. Where footways are less than 1.5 metres wide, they must be kept clear at all times. This width is increased to 3 metres at bus stops.

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