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Change of address / circumstances

So that we can update your Council Tax account, tell us if:

On this page:


Complete a housing benefit and council tax reduction change of address form online here


You have had a change in name:

When you have changed your name e.g. got married...

Report a change in name Report a change in name - Council Tax


You are moving within Powys:

When the property is sold/repossessed or your tenancy has ended and your whole household moves home but remains in Powys.

Moving house within Powys Tell Council Tax when you move within Powys


You are moving out of Powys:

When the property is sold/repossessed or your tenancy has ended and your whole household moves out of Powys to another area.

Moving house out of Powys Tell Council Tax when you move out of Powys


You are moving into Powys:

When your whole household moves into Powys from another area.

Moving into Powys (Register) Council Tax Registration Form


Someone in your home turns 18: 

Unless they are students or if you continue to receive child benefit for them.

Someone in your home turns 18 Council Tax - when a young adult turns 18


Someone is moving out or in / back in to your home:

If you need to claim / stop claiming discounts or reductions

Someone moving in / out of your house When someone moves in or out of home


Claiming discounts or reductions: 

Council Tax is based on 2 or more eligible adults living in the same home. Tell us about any other situation so that we can make sure you only pay the right amount of Council tax and no more.

Claiming discounts or reductions Council Tax discounts and reductions (People)


If someone has died: 

We need to know when an adult from your home has died so that we can make sure you only pay the right amount of Council Tax.

Tell us if someone has died Council Tax - when an adult has died


If you change your bank details:

Download the direct debit form [222KB]


Claiming an Exemption

Uninhabited, unfurnished, empty, or uninhabitable properties may be exempt from Council Tax. Specific types of properties are also exempt when they are dedicated solely to a special purpose, such as only housing students or armed forces personnel.

Claim an exemption Council Tax discounts and exemptions on properties


Don't forget to tell us!
You must tell us immediately of a change in your circumstances. Failure to do so may result in a Council Tax Penalty being imposed [34KB] If you disagree with a penalty imposed on you, you may wish to discuss it with us first.

Alternatively, you may appeal direct to the Valuation Tribunal Wales.You may also want to tell these services that you are moving: Libraries, Elections, Social Services, Benefits


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