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LDP Procedural Guidance

WPP62 A Brief Guide to the Examination of Local Development Plans (PINs Wales) - N/A 

WPP63 CL-01-09: Local Development Plans - Important Guidance on Procedure for Advertising Focussed Changes to the Deposit LDP 

WPP64 CL-01-10: Local Development Plans - Sustainability Appraisal Procedure Incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment for Site Allocation Representations

WPP65 CL-01-11: Local Development Plans - Sustainability Appraisal Procedure for Alternative Site Representations

WPP66 LDP Service Level Agreement between PINS and LA's (PINs Wales Sep-10) 

WPP67  LDPs - Preparing for submission – Guidance for LPAs (PINs Wales August 2015) [279KB]

WPP68 Letter: Local Development Plans - Alternative Sites (July 2013)

WPP69 Link to Local Development Plan Webpages (Guidance & Advice) (PINs Wales Sep-10)

WPP70  Local Development Plan Examinations – Procedure Guidance (PINs Wales August 2015) [425KB]

WPP71 Local Development Plan Manual - Edition 2 - August 2015 (Pins)  

WPP72  Local Development Plan Manual (WG June 2006) [511KB]  

WPP73  Local Development Plans Wales - Policy on Preparation of LDPs (WG December 2005) [219KB]

WPP74  Planning Your Community - A Guide to Local Development Plans (WG July 2006) [359KB]


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