Further Focussed Changes Consultation: October 2016

LDP36  Notice of Further Focussed Changes to the LDP (October 2016) [50KB]

LDP37  Schedule of Proposed Further Focussed Changes – Addendum to the Deposit LDP (October 2016) [1MB]  and  Further Focussed Changes Appendix 1 – Map Changes (Oct 2016) [37MB]

LDP38 Sustainability Appraisal Powys LDP (Oct 2016) (includes Appendices 1, 2 & 3) [1MB]

LDP39  Habitats Regulations Appraisal - Assessment of Proposed Further Focussed Changes (Oct 2016) [518KB]

LDP40  SEA Environmental Report (Oct 2016) (includes Appendices 1, 2, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7 & 8) [5MB]

LDP41  Integrated Impact Assessment (Oct 2016) [639KB]  

LDP42  Composite Plan - Deposit  with Focussed Changes PLUS Further Focussed Changes (October 2016) [3MB]   

LDP43 Representations received to FFC consultation (Oct-Nov 2016):

To view the representations made on the Schedule of Further Focussed Changes please go into the relevant document below and click on the RefPoint (which looks like this: ® 44.1- an ® symbol followed by a number) associated with that Further Focussed Change. To view representations made on the accompanying Habitat Regulations Appraisal, SEA Environmental Report and Sustainability Appraisal please click on the links below.

Please note that the comments displayed for a Refpoint also include any comments made at the earlier Deposit Plan and Focussed Changes stages. To determine which stage a comment was made look at the letter within the Rep ID; Further Focussed Changes = U, Focussed Changes = F, and the Deposit Plan = V.

Schedule of Further Focussed Changes (LDP37)

Schedule of Proposed Further Focussed Changes – Addendum to the Deposit LDP (October 2016) with Refpoints [2MB]

Further Focussed Changes Map Schedule 2016 with refpoints [37MB]


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