Council Tax: Penalties

Request for Information

We are legally entitled to obtain information from residents, owners or managing agents to help us identify the person liable for payment of the Council Tax, provided that we ask for it in writing.

If you do not respond to a request, a penalty of £50 may be imposed. If you still fail to supply information, a further penalty of up to £200 may be imposed.


Providing false information

If you knowingly supply information which is inaccurate a penalty of £50 may be imposed.


Change in Circumstances

A penalty of to £50 may be imposed if you do not tell us, within 21 days, about a change in your circumstances which affects the calculation of the Council Tax bill after receiving it. Example of changes you must tell us about are:

  • You are claiming a single person discount and another person has moved in with you.
  • You are in receipt of an exemption and qualifying conditions are no longer met.
  • You are in receipt of a discount and qualifying conditions are no longer met.

If you disagree with a penalty imposed on you, you may wish to discuss it with us first. Alternatively, you may appeal direct to the Valuation Tribunal Wales.

You will normally have two months in which to appeal after a penalty is imposed. The council will provide you with information about how to appeal and the date by which any appeal should be made.

If you do appeal, you do not have to pay your penalty until your appeal is decided. However, you will still be required to pay Council tax that is due.

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