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Protected Rent

If somebody in your household dies

If somebody has recently died in your household, this could mean that your home would now be considered too big for you. However, if this happens, your Housing Benefit will not be reduced for a year after the death.

If you could previously afford your rent without claiming Housing Benefit

If you could previously afford your rent without claiming Housing Benefit, even though your home is considered too big for you, you will get a short period of grace if you now need help with your rent because of a change in your circumstances. The rules about size restriction won't apply to you for up to 13 weeks if:

  • you're making a new claim for Housing Benefit because of a change of circumstances, for example, if you've lost your job, and
  • you could afford your rent when you first took on your tenancy, and
  • you have not claimed Housing Benefit in the previous 12 months.

If you have been living in the same home since 1 January 1996

If you were living in the same home since at least 1 January 1996, and you were getting Housing Benefit continuously until any date after 1 April 2013, the size restriction rules should not apply to you in that home for the period between 1 April 2013 and 3 March 2014.


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