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Digital Powys Strategy: Information Excellence

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We want to use digital tools and technologies to help us pull data together from a variety of sources and help us analyse it quickly and accurately so as to help us to make good decisions.

Digital tools that create a 'bigger picture' will ensure we put resources where they are needed most.

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We have already produced a detailed well-being assessment of the county and have set up a Wellbeing data bank of information which you can use to find out a whole array of facts and figures about the county.   Why not have a look here ...


What are we going to do?   Information Excellence Image

  • Create performance dashboards to monitor performance
  • Improve our data integrity, ensuring high quality data
  • Enbed predictive analytics in our reporting systems
  • Provide data that supports improved decision making
  • Use information to put resources where they are most needed
  • Integrate data with our partners

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