Track and Trace

Development of a Track and Trace Customer Relationship Management for Powys and 3 other authorities


"Every time I've seen it this week you've improved it (and it was excellent to begin with!)" - RCT


The capability to react effectively to new cases of COVID-19 and to swiftly trace and contact anyone suspected of having been in proximity to an infected person is central to the safe lifting of lockdown.  It also enabled us a return to normal commerce and social interaction (albeit with some physical distancing measures still in place).

While the national system is under construction, local authorities have been instructed to develop their own Track and Trace solutions for use in the interim.  The Digital Access (web) Team have worked (initially alone, but from mid-development onwards in collaboration with teams from the Rhondda Cynon Taff, Merthyr and Bridgend regions) to build a system suitable to meet the challenge.

Following a demonstration of the Powys prototype and discussion via Teams, key staff from all the partner organisations were able to have input into building a solution that worked for all stakeholders. Using an agile development approach, the team was able to adapt the initially Powys-based system to serve multiple authorities, securely, with minimal disruption. Co-operation and fast decision making has meant that this multi-authority system was developed in only three weeks and this timeframe included the arrangement of support to provide cover seven days per week.

The system was developed to be as user-friendly and quick to implement as possible and its features include:

  • Intuitive browser-based user interface
  • Training for all staff took just 1 hour (including questions)
  • Powys staff are able to login using their normal Powys passwords
  • Access to data for public health colleagues
  • Data return to Welsh Government automatically generated (for all 4 authorities)

As of 1st July, there have been 30 positive cases identified as requiring Contact Tracing, all of which have been successfully completed. This has resulted in the identification of 44 contacts and the provision of appropriate self-isolation advice and guidance to all individuals.


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